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The museum store has several interesting books & post cards available for purchase. All listed prices below include tax

Book Fair To The Wind 200p

Phippsburg - Fair To The Wind
A Chronicle of Early America
Compiled by members of the Phippsburg Historical Society



Book Stories Of Phippsburg Vol 1 200p

Stories of Phippsburg, Maine
Volume I

From the files of the Phippsburg Historical Society


Book Stories Of Phippsburg Vol 2 200p

Stories Of  Phippsburg, Maine

Volume II

The Old Days
From the files of the Phippsburg Historical Society



Stories Of  Phippsburg, Maine
Volume III

Coming soon!!!

Book Town Hall History 200p

The 1881 Town Hall Phippsburg, Maine
A History
Compiled and Published by the Phippsburg Historical Society




Color: $1.50

Black & White: $1.00

PC Phippsburg Center Painting 200p

PC Victorian Ladies 200p

PC Loom 200p

Painting of Phippsburg Center

Victorian Ladies

The Bijhouwer Loom

PC Minot Shipyard 200p

PC Parker's Head Road 200p

PC Bowker Shipyard 200p

Minot Shipyard

On the Parker’s Head Road

Bowker Shipyard

PC Sylvester House 200p

PC Fort Popham 200p

PC Stone School House 200p

Sylvester House - 1767

Fort Popham - 1861

Stone School House

PC Virginia 200p

PC Popham Beach 200p

PC Congregational Church 200p

Bathing at Popham Beach

The Virginia

Congregational Church

A Child's Eye View DVD_2i00p

A Child’s Eye View of Phippsburg
DVD narrated by Tom Totman

Note Card 01 web

Christmas Cards
   $2.00 for package of 2 cards
   done by local artist
   To order, contact

First Day Issue Stamps & Postcards


Stamps - Sheet of 70 $20.00 / Single stamps .50 cents each

Post Card (Fort Popham front)_web

First Issue Post Card - Fort Popham


Post Card (Envelope_web)

First Issue Post Cards w/envelope & stamp
Various postmark dates
Four cards to choose from (see below) $2.00 each

Post Card (Mouth Of The Kennebec River_web)

Mouth of the Kennebec River

Post Card (Popham Beach Village 01_web)

Popham Beach Village 01

Post Card (Popham Beach Village 02)_web

Popham Beach Village 02

Post Card (Cox's Head From Popham Beach_web)

Cox’s Head from Popham Beach

Postcard Collection (web)

Popham Colony Anniversary Collection

These items commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Popham Colony. Issued on August 15, 1957, the items are all first edition and bear the post mark of Popham, Maine. The black & white was in the envelope and the color postcard of Ft. Popham bears the postmark & date. The stamps have never been canceled. These items were among the many donated to the Phippsburg Historical Society by the Taylor Family who used to own what is now Percy’s Store in Popham. In 1957 the Popham Post Office was also located in that store. 9 3/4” x 17 1/2” framed collection -

$75.00 plus shipping

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