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The process of organizing and creating the Phippsburg Historical Society began in December 1960 after the Town realized a formal historical association was needed. With the initiative of the Board of Selectmen, individuals from each section of town were contacted and a committee made up of Ada M. Haggett, John G. Morse, Arthur Bowker, Mark Harrington, James Chambers, Mrs. Edward McNulty, Mrs. Peter Isaacson, Mr. & Mrs. Stanwood Gilman, Mrs. Raymond Wyman, and Mrs. Newbold R. H. Varian of Sebasco was formed. In early 1961 a Board of Directors was established.

On March 20, 1961, the Society held is first general meeting where membership was open to the public. Reaching out to the community, the first historical pamphlet was written and distributed. Soon after, several hundred visitors were drawn to an exhibit of historical Phippsburg material, held at the Popham Beach Library. By the end of the Phippsburg Historical Society’s first year, there were 97 steady members. In 1962, the townspeople voted at the annual March Town Meeting to give the one-room Phippsburg Center Schoolhouse (1859) and its land to the Society to develop a museum and permanent headquarters. The museum opened in 1964. Two additions have been made to the original building. In 1992 a wing was added on the east side of the building in memory of Jane Poliquin, and a research library space was constructed in 2007 with a generous bequest from the Simonatis family and the support of members. The research library has recently been upgraded with a climate control system.

Our Mission

The purpose of our organization is to cultivate social intercourse and friendship among our members; to collect and preserve data touching the history of Phippsburg, the Phippsburg areas, Sagadahoc County and the State of Maine; to collect and preserve articles, specimens and material and objects illustrative and demonstrative of the customs, modes and habits of former times in the areas mentioned to perpetuate the memory of those who, by their labors and heroism, contributed to make the history of the areas mentioned; to compile, write and publish a history of the Town of Phippsburg and/or the Phippsburg area or cause same to be done; to do all acts necessary and convenient for the furtherance and promotion of the fore said purposes; to exist under the laws of Maine as a corporation without capital stock and not for pecuniary profit.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is held each year in August.

Hours of Operation

The museum is open every summer Monday- Saturday 10:00 am-2:00 pm


On Route 209 at Phippsburg Center: Left on Parker Head Road (opposite the Bisson's Center Store) 3rd building on the left is the Phippsburg Historical Society Museum.

Mailing Address

Write to: Phippsburg Historical Society P.O. Box 21 Phippsburg, Maine 04562 or call the historical society at (207) 389-2393

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